Welcome to aVANue™ for Publishers, the most comprehensive, and integrated order management system available for the National Yellow Pages today.

Flexible, efficient, and easy to use, aVANue™ is everything you want in a software package to manage your National Yellow Pages business. Housing your own data means that you are in full control to work your orders even if your internet is down and process your mail when you choose, without third party expenses. Our true windows design allows you to open and work with several orders and applications at once. No need to close out your work to copy and paste, access information or run reports. Our modular design enables you to purchase what you need to start and then add to your system as your business grows.


Powered by Oracle Database. Whether your business is large or small; your data is always secure, available, and scalable.


Comprehensive and flexible reporting tools to help you manage all aspects of your National Yellow Page business.


Purchase only the features you need to get started. Then add to your system as your business grows.


Knowledgeable and friendly support staff are here to help when you have questions, or require technical assistance.


Order Management

Order Management is the core of our Publisher product. Designed in consultation with Publishers, this system is loaded with step saving, error reducing features that often require nothing more than a click of a button. All of your day-to-day processes including working orders, processing mail and running reports have never been easier. Automated mail changes, Queries and Advices, and one step invoicing are only a few of its ease-of-use features. With aVANue™ you have complete control over when and how often you send and receive mail; And aVANue™'s extensive history tracking makes it easy to report and audit changes.


Our Graphics module has the same functionality you’ll find everywhere else in aVANue™ including extensive reporting and history tracking, as well as YPIMA validation prior to transmission. The AWT is electronically cataloged with the order.


Easily print and transmit your Invoices, Summaries, and Remittance forms through the LSA Elite™ eBilling system. Delivering your invoices electronically through Elite™ is faster, easier, and more eco-friendly than traditional paper invoices.

Offload to Local

With this module, aVANue™. interfaces with Local systems enabling National data to be transferred directly. This eliminates the process of rekeying orders, reducing workload as well as the occurrence of data enrty errors.

Revenue Tracking

Track overall increases and decreases in revenue as well as the reasons for any changes. Use the reports generated as sales tools to determine where follow-up calls can reverse or limit a reduction for a specific client, as well as where incentives may be used to increase advertising purchases. This module also allows you to gauge CMR performance.